Hometown Glory

I`ve been thinking last week to many things, but mostly people were making me think about if I miss Liviu. It was an easy question which was answered quickly and then followed by a big laughter.. but at the end of the week spent with only 2  minuts per day at the phone with the one I needed to speak a day entirely about the things that were happening.. it felt different

It was hard not having him around. He who is my poise and my friend. It was hard not to have someone to share the joy and the laughs. It was annoying to say to those indians to stop talking to me!! and to those that asked me, I choose to give them another answer: the right one this time. I did, I did miss Liviu. A lot.

I took a picture for him, in the same place we had a picture a year ago, worn the same leather jacket he loves so much, but there is something with London Eye.. my pictures there are never good. I hope that next time we can frame the picture we will take. Thank you Dan for snaping me. You are on the right track with photography, I might say!

After this, I went home packing. It was a mess everywhere I looked. Please do notice my Iphone 4 🙂


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