My Day

It`s a late Sunday morning with cold breeze coming thru the window, coffee next to my bed and quiet music in the background. I`ve wished for a morning like this for a long time and finally I`ve found it.

Setting my ideas in order, I`m thankful for the past year. I could`ve done so many things and I might not did them, I could`ve not quit so many ideas and now I miss them. Someone told me yesterday that I`m not as I used to be, it`s like there is a drop of maturity in everything I do.. Scary as it sounds, it got me thinking.  With a tooth ache and a sore throat I`m spending what it supposed to mean a celebration day thinking at all that happened with me, with my familly relationship. I think that with age comes a sort of fear of what things could develop in years if you don`t fix them.

I meet myself at my mother`s words and it frightens me. Getting to where I never thought I  would be and still, finding a peace at it. To those that still read my blog, thank you. Have a nice Sunday Day, today the 25th of September – my day.


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