Boris – one, two, three

I`ve always considered myself as a dog person. Never ever-ever in my heart would have been a place for cats, and yes! Sorry all cat lovers. But since events happened for the last 2 months, I felt the urge of changing my entire ideology of whom to love. Who am I to pick up characters to love? Everybody deserves a bit of lovely heaven. And so i`ve adopted a cat. Male cat, actually, I don`t want him bringing me babies.

First, I thought about my dog, Natasha. I somehow knew she won`t be pretty happy with my decision and, you know that picking names is a huge deal for me, I set my mind on ‘Boris’ as a cat name. A dynamic duo – Natasha & Boris. Haven`t I thought this thru, or what? So, by picking a name for the cat that would sound alike with my dog`s name, logically, it is supposed not to be a problem. Think again. This post is not about my Natasha`s acceptance. No.

Secondly, when I finalllly found a cat to adopt.. it already have a name : Bugsie so calling him Boris felt somehow, weird to me. Like someone is calling me by my christening name (except my chemistry teacher from the 7th grade which was nice – he had the same name and I had straight A`s only by that). So Bugsie it is.

Thirdly, I still haven`t figured out how to create a bond, we`re working on it, but I do love that he takes himself out; 100 points for him for not making me teach him that. I really don`t know how to do it. I am fine with dogs, even better, I master the take-yourself-out technique with dogs. Speaking of bonds, these scratches on my fingers and hands do look bad, trust me, but if I am to walk this road I am not willing to give up. I find myself in this cat`s character. He is so independent. Only does things he wishes to do, he takes care for his individual needs, can`t feel him around the house and has this funny-dum look on his face when I call him. oohhh! I believe he tries to hypnotise me when I sleep, not sure thou.



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