Boris – one, two, three


I`ve always considered myself as a dog person. Never ever-ever in my heart would have been a place for cats, and yes! Sorry all cat lovers. But since events happened for the last 2 months, I felt the urge of changing my entire ideology of whom to love. Who am I to pick up characters to love? Everybody deserves a bit of lovely heaven. And so i`ve adopted a cat. Male cat, actually, I don`t want him bringing me babies.

First, I thought about my dog, Natasha. I somehow knew she won`t be pretty happy with my decision and, you know that picking names is a huge deal for me, I set my mind on ‘Boris’ as a cat name. A dynamic duo – Natasha & Boris. Haven`t I thought this thru, or what? So, by picking a name for the cat that would sound alike with my dog`s name, logically, it is supposed not to be a problem. Think again. This post is not about my Natasha`s acceptance. No.

Secondly, when I finalllly found a cat to adopt.. it already have a name : Bugsie so calling him Boris felt somehow, weird to me. Like someone is calling me by my christening name (except my chemistry teacher from the 7th grade which was nice – he had the same name and I had straight A`s only by that). So Bugsie it is.

Thirdly, I still haven`t figured out how to create a bond, we`re working on it, but I do love that he takes himself out; 100 points for him for not making me teach him that. I really don`t know how to do it. I am fine with dogs, even better, I master the take-yourself-out technique with dogs. Speaking of bonds, these scratches on my fingers and hands do look bad, trust me, but if I am to walk this road I am not willing to give up. I find myself in this cat`s character. He is so independent. Only does things he wishes to do, he takes care for his individual needs, can`t feel him around the house and has this funny-dum look on his face when I call him. oohhh! I believe he tries to hypnotise me when I sleep, not sure thou.



My Day


It`s a late Sunday morning with cold breeze coming thru the window, coffee next to my bed and quiet music in the background. I`ve wished for a morning like this for a long time and finally I`ve found it.

Setting my ideas in order, I`m thankful for the past year. I could`ve done so many things and I might not did them, I could`ve not quit so many ideas and now I miss them. Someone told me yesterday that I`m not as I used to be, it`s like there is a drop of maturity in everything I do.. Scary as it sounds, it got me thinking.  With a tooth ache and a sore throat I`m spending what it supposed to mean a celebration day thinking at all that happened with me, with my familly relationship. I think that with age comes a sort of fear of what things could develop in years if you don`t fix them.

I meet myself at my mother`s words and it frightens me. Getting to where I never thought I  would be and still, finding a peace at it. To those that still read my blog, thank you. Have a nice Sunday Day, today the 25th of September – my day.

Claudia @ 1 August, 2011


Am ajuns in Bucuresti la ora 5 dimineata. In timp ce trenul gonea catre Gara de Nord m-am gandit sa fac surprize si sa incep sa sun cateva persoane la acea ora matinala, ca doar, deh! numai eu sa ma trezesc fortata? Si cum nimeni nu mi-a raspuns apelului nu am putut decat sa sper ca mi-am atins scopul.

Claudia a fost cea de-a doua persoana apelata. M-a sunat in cursul zilei de astazi sa imi transmita ca de atunci nu a mai reusit sa inchida ochii si da, am trezit-o. Muhahahaha:).

Partea frumoasa a fost cand la jumatate de ora dupa apel, am vazut o pereche de ochi de caine la geamul biroului meu cu o cutie mare de inghetata de caramel invitandu-ma la sesiune de vorbit. Si uite asa am revazut-o eu pe Claudia astazi. Multumesc pentru inghetata.. mmmm.. A fost asa de buna! Ma bucur ca te-am revazut.

Iar pentru ca astazi este 1 August, sa aveti o luna frumoasa, insorita si pliiiiina de surprize!

Love you, Blondo`, always had, always will.



Am cunoscut-o la atelierul ei, intr-o dupa-masa tarzie de Vineri. Nu planificasem sa ajung acolo de dimineata, dar ziua s-a dovedit a fi recunoscatoare cu mine pentru intreg efortul depus peste saptamana. Am fost intampinata de un zambet cald si de o fata blanda. Mi-a placut din primul moment.

Am povestit despre viata si i-am spus motivul vizitei mele. Ii urmaream munca de ceva vreme, i-am vazut colectiile la televizor, pe facebook, in ziare.. dar momentul in care m-am decis ca trebuie sa o cunosc a fost Bucharest Fashion Week. Colectiile Galynei se disting de masa designerilor prezenti in Romania, prin rafinament, eleganta si stil. Hainele create de ea te uimesc prin finetea materialului, a liniei cusaturii si a mesajului transmis. Eu gasesc un suflu nou in creatiile ei, o idee de extravaganta dusa spre cotele cele mai inalte. Ma bucur sa o cunosc, si, bineinteles, pe Doamna Maria, ajutorul de incredere de la Atelier. Mai multe despre ea nu cunosc, am cautat prin presa diferite articole , review-uri si nici unul nu exprima indeajuns de bine sentimentele mele vis-a-vis de ea, asa ca m-am decis sa scriu. Rochia m-a facut sa ma simt speciala si in permanenta mi-a adus aminte de caracterul tau. Multumesc, Galyna! Ne-am atins scopul!

Si inca un lucru..  mamei mele i-a placut foarte mult iar asta nu poate insemna decat ca ne aflam pe drumul cel bun! 🙂

Hometown Glory


I`ve been thinking last week to many things, but mostly people were making me think about if I miss Liviu. It was an easy question which was answered quickly and then followed by a big laughter.. but at the end of the week spent with only 2  minuts per day at the phone with the one I needed to speak a day entirely about the things that were happening.. it felt different

It was hard not having him around. He who is my poise and my friend. It was hard not to have someone to share the joy and the laughs. It was annoying to say to those indians to stop talking to me!! and to those that asked me, I choose to give them another answer: the right one this time. I did, I did miss Liviu. A lot.

I took a picture for him, in the same place we had a picture a year ago, worn the same leather jacket he loves so much, but there is something with London Eye.. my pictures there are never good. I hope that next time we can frame the picture we will take. Thank you Dan for snaping me. You are on the right track with photography, I might say!

After this, I went home packing. It was a mess everywhere I looked. Please do notice my Iphone 4 🙂

8th of April, Birmingham, UK


***English following below***

Acest post este pentru mama mea si pentru toti cei care asteapta sa vada o poza de la nunta lui Oluwasanmi Ibitoye si Oluwajumolke Ibitoye. Tocmai ce m-am intors de la Logodna Traditionala si pe langa faptul ca sunt extenuata, sunt fericita pentru ca am putut lua parte la bucuria celor ce ma numesc fiica si sora lor. Multumesc.

This post is for my mom and for those who are expecting me to post a picture from Oluwasanmi Ibitoye & Oluwajumolke Ibitoye`s wedding. I just come back from the Traditional Engagement and I`m not just overworked, but I am happy because I could be part of the joy of those who call me their daughter and their sister. Thank you.

Intrebarea zilei


Gabi, iti mai aduci aminte de vremea cand spargeam parolele calculatorului tau? Ti le schimbam si nu iti spuneam parola decat dupa cateva zile sau dupa ce cadeam la o intelegere.. sau dupa ce intervenea tata (de cele mai multe ori) dureros..